Services We Provide!

Phillips Saw & Carbide Tool Company has been manufacturing precision industrial cutting tools for nearly half a decade. We are a full service company, providing you with the highest quality products on the market today. We not only custom manufacture our tooling with your needs in mind, but we also maintain and refurbish all cutting tools to perform like new, always. For our local customers, we provide a pick-up & delivery service, based upon your company's needs. For our friends a little further away - we ship to anywhere in the world, to provide you with the quality cutters that only Phillips Saw & Carbide Tool Company can provide.

  • Consulting - We provide on-site consultations regarding ways to optimize your company's production.
  • Analysis - We can review your current procedure and if necessary, refine it, to it's maximum potential.
  • Advice - You know your industry, and we know ours. Together, we can grow to be the best, based on neccesity and efficiency.
For more information about us, please contact us at (909) 941-0500. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may be experiencing.