About Us!

Phillips Saw & Carbide Tool Company has been in business since 1963 and have been providing all areas of industry with their tooling needs. We are custom manufacturers, so we cater to your specific needs, which may differ from the next company's ... and we thrive on that. Owner and President Chul H. Lee has owned the company since the late 70's and has assisted countless companies with their tooling. He has the benefit of years of experience and has an unrivaled knowledge of all aspects of the cutting tool industry. One of our primary areas of expertise is the spa manufacturing industry. Working closely with some of the largest companies in the game today, we have designed and developed the original and STILL THE BEST carbide tipped hole saws used in the production of high quality spas. Since our innovative cutters were introduced in the early '80's, many companies have attempted to replicate our designs, yet NONE have been able to duplicate our end results. Due to this fact, we supply spa manufacturers with our cutters throughout the United States, as well as the world.